Monday, October 5, 2009

Orlando Public Library - Orlando, Florida

101 East Central Boulevard - The current main branch of the Orlando Public Library opened in 1966 and was designed by architect John M. Johansen. The building was expanded in 1985. Duane Stark was the architect for the expansion and had to work to blend the addition with the original. It's an interesting building. The walls are made of poured concrete but the texture looks like slats of wood.


  1. It's a good library. So far the Columbus Library system is the best I've encountered anywhere. Their collection was very extensive. I am seriously dissapointed in the library here in Atlanta. Their selection is sorely lacking and especially considering the size of the city. Plus the main branch seemed like a prison.

  2. How disappointing for you in ATL! I stay so busy with my textbooks and the many I check out from UCF. But I should learn whether Orlando residency is a requirement for a library card there, in case they have selections I can't find elsewhere. I have bought several books I needed for research, because neither UCF nor WHPL had them.

  3. It looks like you would want a Reciprocal Borrower Card. Here is the link explaining the card,