Saturday, May 22, 2010

House - Winter Haven, Florida

2309 Avenue C SW - There's a lot of potential in this cute little Spanish Colonial Revival home from 1928.  Slap on a fresh coat of paint, rip out that ridiculous chain link fence, add a little landscaping and voila!


  1. I have learned the hard (read: expensive) way...get rid of the latex paint and go back with mineral paint. No mold or algae, and decades of a pristine exterior. Keim potassium silicate paint is $130/gallon, but so worth it for zero maintenance and none of that recurring horrible mold/algae that I had been fighting for 15 years. I am in Fort Lauderdale and never want to see latex paint again.

  2. I pass this house everyday on my way to the gym. It always looks so unfortunate. The chain link fence is gone and it recently experienced a minor fire in the upstairs part. I keep hoping to see it loved up!