Monday, June 14, 2010

Condominiums - Cocoa Beach, Florida

2020 North Atlantic Avenue - Seeing as how these are separated from the road by a terribly long carport, I'm guessing it must have been the decorative screens at the end of the carport that sucked me in.  You know I can't resist a decorative screen!  There were all kinds of great things about this 1964 structure including the balcony railings, more decorative screen covering what is probably a stairwell and a fantastic butterfly canopy at the entrance to a covered walkway leading to the buildings from the parking area.  The site consists of a pair of 6 story buildings with 96 units apiece set in symmetrical fashion stretching from the parking area back towards the pool and recreation are and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean.

Screen at the end of the carports that sucked me into the property.

Butterfly canopy (but please remove that hideos security light in the middle and find something more appropriate).


Tower screen.

Tower screen detail.


Balcony detail.

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  1. WOW! Great to have a room in there. I really love what I see.

    Arrielle P