Friday, November 5, 2010

Old YMCA - Marion, Indiana

418 West Third Street - This building was built by and served the YMCA from 1951 until sometime in the last decade when they moved to a new facility.  It was designed by the firm of A.M.Strauss and Co.


  1. Is this an Art Deco structure? I say Art Deco because of the lines that are incorporated. I also believe it to be Art Deco more so because the glass block that is used, which was very popular at that time. This building resembles the New York Telephone Building to me. I absolutely love the rustication on the front facade of this structure. Growing up in Marion, I have been to this building many times blind to the beauty and history of it as a whole. What are your thoughts?

  2. While there are elements that seem Streamline Moderne, I would lean more toward International Style or Mid-Century Modern based on the research I've done.