Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Westcott House - Springfield, Ohio

1340 East High Street - Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House is a gorgeous Prairie Style home.  I lived not far away in Columbus for five years and was frequently in the Springfield area but never made it to this home until right before I moved out of state.  I'm glad I did.  All pictures are of the exterior as interior photos are forbidden.  If you're in the area I recommend stopping by for a tour.  Check the Westcott House website for further information.

We start with three views from High Street (the "front" or south side of the house).

Also from the "front" but focusing on the right side and the spectacular urn.

Looking across the courtyard towards the carriage house and stable.

The back (courtyard or north side) of the main house.

Wall and pergola separating the raised courtyard from South Greenmount Street which runs along the east side of the home.

North side of main house.

View from South Greenmount Avenue just north of the carriage house and stable.

Courtyard wall and pergola from South Greenmount Avenue.

Gates leading to the entrance of the home.  Like many FLW houses, the entrance is very unassuming and/or virtually hidden.  While the house fronts on High Street, its entrance is actually on Greenmount Avenue.

Spectacular urn.

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