Saturday, July 16, 2011

House - Columbus, Ohio

Plum Ridge - This is such a cool mid-century modern house.  The house is located on a ravine which allows for the lower level (unseen from the front) to open out on the back.  When the original owners were selling it several years back they had an estate sale which enable me to go inside.  It was like a 1964 time capsule.  So much mid-century goodness.  We purchased a couple of chairs, a wonderful huge wool rug with a large oriental design embroidered asymetrically on it and a number of pieces of glassware.  It was my understanding that the interiors had been designed by the same person who did the legendary Kahiki Polynesian Restaurant (now demolished) in Columubus.  This seemed quite possible upon reaching the den on the lower level which had a huge desk made out of rocks and large tortoise shell light fixtures.  There was also plenty of grasscloth wallpaper throughout the house. 

When the house sold, the new owners built an addition over the carport (seen below).  Previously the carport had a simple flat roof.  I think they actually did a pretty good job as it never really seemed out of place.  I thought I had a before picture somewhere and if I find it at a later time I will post it.


  1. I really can't tell the difference between the addition and the original structure.

  2. They did a really good job. The addition is clad in something very similar, if not identical to the original section on the far right. The only difference that really stands out to me is the slanted roof verses what looks like a flat roof on the rest of the house but various types of roof lines were common on these types of houses.