Saturday, July 30, 2011

United Methodist Church - Wawaka, Indiana

7328 North Albion Street - The original church building (which is buried under additions and new facades) was built circa 1881.  The church was remodeled in 1928-29 after being struck by lightning.  An addition was made in 1953.  The building finally came to resemble its current incarnation with remodels and additions begun in 1961 which included adding the current facade and entrance and reversing the direction of the chancel.  The church features some very nice art glass windows.

Originally, this all faced the other direction.

These 60's light fixtures are fabulous and I would love to get my hands on them if the church is ever remodeled or torn down.

A much earlier view of the church. 

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  1. My paternal grandfather was a United Methodist Church pastor in Southern Illinois for fifty years. You might want to look at some old pictures I have in photo albums. Also, somewhere, I have postcards (?) from the chapel at the nursing home where he lived and served as chaplain near the end of his life.