Saturday, August 13, 2011

LeVeque Tower - Columbus, Ohio

50 West Broad Street - The beautiful 47 story 1927 art deco tower remains a landmark even though it has been crowded by newer, less elegant structures.  It was originally the American Insurance Union Citadel.  The name was changed to the LeVeque-Lincoln tower when purchased by Leslie LeVeque and John Lincoln after American Insurance Union defaulted.  Later the name was shortened to just LeVeque Tower.  The building was designed by Charles Howard Crane and it was the tallest building in Columbus from 1927-1973.  Check out a video tour of the penthouse.

The Tower is also home to the Palace Theater.  The theater was designed by Thomas W. Lamb and opened in 1926.


From West Broad Street looking east across the Scioto River.

From Neil Avenue.

Palace Theater
View from West Broad Street looking east.

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