Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Valley Station - Palm Springs, California

Of all the things to love about Palm Springs, the Aerial Tramway into the San Jacinto mountains has to be near the top of the list.  The fact that a short, and scenic, ten minute ride can take you from the blistering desert into a refreshingly cool and beautiful forest is just amazing. 

On the approach from the parking lot.

Inside the station.  The anticipation is building.  I love these windows!

There's the station way down in the valley behind the cable support tower.  As far away as the station is, we've still got a long way to the top.

A view from the tram on the return to the valley.  There are the windows that provided the great view from inside the station.

I repeat, love the windows!

A gentle mountain stream meanders under the station.

View from inside the tram car before leaving the valley station.  We're headed somewhere way up there.  I can't even see the mountain station.  For someone with acrophobia, like myself, this was a little uncomfortable.  I just tried to focus on taking pictures of the great scenery and not the fact that I was suspended thousands of feet above jagged cliffs in a glass box on a wire.

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