Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nebraska State Capitol - Lincoln, Nebraska

Ceiling and chandelier in the Vestibule.

And again from directly below.

"Labors of the Heart" mural by Kenneth Evett.

These four reliefs and the three mosaic medallions that follow are all from the Foyer.  The foyer is quite dark and these items required a lot of zoom which resulted in their less than stellar quality.

The three medallions are located at different points in the ceiling along the length of the foyer.  They represent "Traditions of the Past", "Life of the Present", and "Ideas of the Future".

Another sconce.


Vestibule floor.

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  1. So, why don't people talk about going to Nebraska to see the architecture?

    How did the state get the money for such extravagance? I guess it's just my ignorance that does not ask that question about large metropolitan areas like NYC and Chicago or national capitals or places in Florida where I know tycoons built their homes, but I am so surprised by these posts.