Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nebraska State Capitol - Lincoln, Nebraska

We begin where we left of in our last post, just outside the entrance to the Capitol.  Once we get inside we'll kind of jump around a little.  We did a fair bit of exploring on our own while we waited for the guided tours to resume after lunch and many of the pictures are from that time as we wandered the halls back and forth.  Each pass seemed to reveal artwork and detail that had previously escaped detection.

On the doors.

Also on the doors.

Upon entering the doors one finds themselves in the Vestibule, a rather dull name for a space that is anything but.  This shot is from the Vestibule looking through the Foyer towards the Rotunda.

These three floor mosaics are either in the Foyer or possible at the entrance to the Rotunda (I can't quite remember.

One side of the Rotunda.

A fantastic native american inspired art deco wall sconce.

The Rotunda dome.


A prehistoric creature on the Rotunda floor.

Doors to the East Chamber.  Sadly this photo didn't come out very well.  The only others I took have people in them covering much of the doors.

Door handle.

Pendent in a small chamber.

Column, I believe in the Vestibule.

One of the chandeliers that line the Foyer.


  1. That vestibule looks like a romanesque church in Europe, and the rotunda is so grand it reminds me of the British Museum. More than anything else in these pictures, I love the Native American details. Sometimes your posts astound me because I never realized some of the heartland states had such expensive and elaborate architecture.

  2. This is just the tip of the iceburg. I still have tons more photos to post. I was quite impressed with the Native American imagery as well and the way that it blended so well with the other styles present in the building. I fully expected to like the building but was not prepared for all of the fantastic things that it ended up containing.