Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hollyhock House - Hollywood, California

4800 Hollywood Boulevard - 1917-1921.  Along with the Los Angeles textile block houses, this is the Frank Lloyd Wright house that has always fascinated me the most.  Resembling a Mayan temple it sits atop Olive Hill looking down on Hollywood Boulevard.  The home was constructed for Aline Barnsdall and the property was to originally include a theater and other facilities for the arts and residences for artists.  While a couple of the other buildings for the project were realized, the entire project was never fully developed.




On the other side of this wall is the motor court to the left and the breezeway leading to the home's entrance on the right.

Breezeway leading to the front door and Music Room window.

Patio accessed via doors near Music Room.

Staircase to rooftop terrace.

From left:  breezeway, Music Room, and Living Room.

The Living Room windows take center stage while the Music Room and Library flank them on either left and right.  A reflecting pool lies beneath the windows.

More to come...

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