Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glenbrow - Columbus, Ohio part 2

Today we move from the Carport towards the house via the loggia. Everything was in a terrible state of repair and pretty overgrown. The whole place had a kind of spooky aura. If it had been a large victorian house it would have seemed very much like the Haunted Mansion at Disney.

Loggia leading from the carport to the front door.

On the right are the windows of the Storage Rooms and on the left is the back side of the loggia. This is a small courtyard area surrounded on one side by the Carport and Storage Rooms, a second side by the loggia, and the third side by the house. The side opposite the loggia is open to the ravine.

The loggia (and tower barely visible in the trees) from the front yard. The Carport is on the left and the house is just out of frame on the right.

The loggia from the front yard with the house just visible on the right.

Courtyard side of the loggia as seen from the Tower door. On the left the house is just visible.

Walkway leading to the front door from the loggia. The orange door is just visible behind the tall brown grass in the center of the frame.

Looking back towards the loggia from near the front door. The window in the corner looks into what looked like either a Living or Family room.

Looking back towards the loggia and driveway.

The Living or Family room from the loggia.
Corner of the Living or Family room with the Storage Rooms visible across the courtyard.

Living/Family room from the Tower door.

Living/Family room from the Tower door.
Interior of the Living/Family Room


  1. It does seem that some major yardwork and a fresh coat of paint would greatly improve the appearance of this location. Does the structure consist entirely of storage area, loggia, and house? Or are individual rooms of the house also separated by walkways?

  2. The rest of the individual rooms are all part of the house.

  3. http://tclf.org/landslides/gunning-house-columbus-oh-risk saved!!!!!! 6-12-14

  4. Thanks for the link! The loss of this structure would truly be a tragedy. It was by far one of the most exciting and interesting places I've had the fortune to see. A thoughtful restoration would be magnificent. Columbus, like much of America, is sadly not the best at preserving significant structures. Just look at the demolition of the amazing Kahiki restaurant on the same road further into town that was demolished to make way for a Walgreens!