Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Deaf School - Columbus, Ohio

400 East Town Street - The Old Deaf School sits at the edge of Old Deaf School Park behind the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library in downtown Columbus. The building was designed by the firm Richards, McCarty & Bulford and completed in 1899. It was the last building to be added to the Old Deaf School and is the only remaining building after the others burnt to the ground in the 1980's. The rest of the property was developed into a park.


  1. It's very pretty, but I hope the teachers were good at explaining to the children not to fear the gargoyles over the door. I can imagine new children not wanting to enter. Of course, some of the faces look funny, too.

  2. How exciting that this building is to reopen as the new Cristo Rey Columbus High School! It is great to see the convergence of this wonderful historic building and this new school which creates a hopeful future for students who might not otherwise be able to obtain a high-quality Catholic, college-preparatory education. Viva Cristo Rey!