Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glenbrow - Columbus, Ohio part 3

This is the final bunch of pictures of the house. Before I moved away from Columbus I had hoped to go back and get some more but simply ran out of time. The house sort of zig-zags along the ravine and I never made it to the other end of the house. As you will note below, the house sits below the lawn so very little of it is visible from the yard. I wish I could have seen this house in its prime. It is an incredible structure in an idyllic setting, it just needs a lot of love.

Cantilever planter or balcony.

Front door.

View of the house from the pond.

View of the house from the pond.

Patio near door.

View of house.


Steps from patio to lawn.


Ravine side of house.

Ravine side of house.

Lawn and terraced area near pond.

Walkway leading around house.


  1. Kind of 50's fun modern with the multi-colored cabinet doors and drawers. I've been in several other houses with the same kind of kitchen. At least the refrigerator is newer but I don't know about the other appliances.