Monday, September 14, 2009

Glenbrow - Columbus, Ohio

7495 East Broad Street - This will be the first of three posts on Glenbrow (The Gunning House) since there are just too many pictures. I drove past this house for years. In the winter time one could catch glimpses of it through the barren trees and it always looked very interesting. One sunny afternoon this May I decided it was time to stop by. The house was vacant and for sale so it was time for a little exploration. Today we start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). The house is virtually invisible from the street. When you come up the driveway the only thing visible is the Carport and Tower, so that is what today's pictures show. As will be shown as the photos continue, due to the way the house is positioned on this piece of ravine property and the design of the house itself, it is virtually imposible to get a picture of the house as a whole. As a result, most of these pictures are of a more detailed nature. I never was able to get a good shot from the ravine side of the house but you can find one at the link below along with much more detailed information about the history of the house itself.

Tower Door

Tower Detail


Carport Support

Carport and Tower

Windows for Storage or Workshop Rooms adjacent to the Carport

Carport and Tower


Carport and Storage or Workshop Rooms

Rear side of Carport and Storage Rooms

Rear side of Carport

Rear side of Carport


  1. I love the new header for this blog, and enjoyed your narrative introduction to this series of photos.

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